Hall of Gods Jackpot Winners

Ever dreamt of reigning supreme amongst Norse gods? Jackpot winners in Hall of Gods do just that; they reign amongst the mighty Norse gods in a hall fit only for gods. You could be one of the reigning champions next! Since the game was created by Net Entertainment in 2010, there have been 15 winners of the Mega jackpot – the game’s largest progressive jackpot of the 3 it features. Players placing any bet have an opportunity to unlock Thor’s Hammer Bonus Game. So whether you place the minimum bet of €.20 or the maximum of €50, you still have an equal shot at the progressive jackpots. As previously mentioned, Hall of Gods has an extremely high pay-out percentage compared to other slot machines, Hall of Gods averages a 96.5% pay-out which is works in the favor of the game’s players.

The largest and mightiest win a player has seen thus far was €7,820,888, which was won at Unibet Casino. The smallest yet still heavily impressive win was €608, 749. Luckily for players, the average win falls nearer to the biggest win at €5,901,749. The most recent jackpot win occurred just 5 weeks ago at LeoVegas Casino and the jackpot is already back up to €1,559,057. Jackpot wins occur roughly every 6 months and there are usually 2 large jackpot winners a year.

Though smaller than the Mega, there are still fortunes to be had with the Midi and Mini jackpots! The Midi jackpot is unique in that several casinos offer different sized jackpots. This may entice players to play at a certain casino based on which one has the highest Midi jackpot. The average win time for the Midi jackpot is between 2 and 3 weeks, and there have been a total of 143 winners thus far since 2010. Similar to the Midi jackpot, the value of the Mini jackpot ranges across different casinos. Players see more frequent wins in the Mini jackpot occurring every 6 hours. The Mini jackpot has had a total of 10,650 winners with the average win being €1,055. The biggest win out of the Mini was €8,019, while the smallest was €149.

The lure of the progressive jackpot keeps players enthralled and glued to their seats as each spin makes the jackpot numbers climb higher. The climatic, medieval music keeps players engaged as well as it escalates in sound right before the reels stop spinning. Players never know whether a shot at the jackpots is just a moment away. The value of each jackpot can be viewed in the upper-right hand corner of the game. Many players find themselves taking advantage of the auto-play option, which allows users to sit back and relax as the computer plays for you. Players choose the bet they wish to place as well as the number of times they want the reels to spin. Players can stop auto-play just as easily as they started it by clicking “Stop.” Jackpot winners also have the option of posting their name to the Hall of Gods or remaining anonymous if they wish to do so. When you are among the gods, your wish is their command!